Cakes and Sweets

Delicious Vegan cakes and sweet bites, raw vegan or baked. Organic ingredients, fruit decorations, refined sugar free, minimal sugar content,  gluten free options available. Healthy birthday cakes, tarts, fruit pies, cookies, energy balls, chocolate bites. You will not believe these are all plant-based cakes!


1) Double Chocolate Cake with Avocado Frosting.

Very light soft chocolate cake, avocado chocolate frosting/butter cream, two layers cake, perfect for Birthday celebration, sizes 20/22/24 cm.

Single layer cake also possible, as well as simple chocolate frosting: cacao, maple syrup and chia seeds. Decoration: dark chocolate shavings, raw cacao nibs or fruits.

Branch of Grape Leaves

2) Beetroot Chocolate cake 


Surprisingly delicious, moist chocolate cake, beetroot fantastically emphasizes rich chocolate flavour.

Suggested topping: simple chocolate sauce (cacao, maple syrup, chia seeds), fruits or nuts.

Decoration: dark chocolate shavings, raw cacao nibs or fruits.

3) Cheesecakes:

 - Cashew Vanilla Cheesecake with Mango Mousse

Raw Vegan cheesecake, date/nuts on the bottom, Creamy cashew vanilla filling and mango chia mousse on the top. Refined sugar free, gluten free.

 - Snickers style vegan cheesecake (Cashew or Millet based filling)

Raw base dates/nuts, creamy cashew filling or Millet cream, natural caramel sauce based on dates, peanut butter and dark chocolate with peanuts for finish.

4) Fruit Cakes 

- Rhubarb crumble Cake is definitely my client's favourite, crumble made from oats and nuts, soft oat bottom and delicious rhubarb - raspberry compote filling. Nice light, fruity cake with a healthier take on crumble. Also version with Apples or Plums available depending on season.

- Light Fruity Yogurt Cake, perfectly light and fruity summer cake, with vegan yogurt and fresh seasonal fruit.

- Lemon cake, tangy lemony flavour light spring cake with delicate lemon glazing.

- Gluten free quinoa blueberry and apple loaf, perfect for coffee/tea afternoon, completely glutenfree, high in protein quinoa based cake with blueberry and apples. 

5) Brownies and Blondies:

- Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Blondie: high protein, grain free, refined sugar free, gluten free. 

- Perfect brownie: absolutely delicious intense chocolate flavour brownie, proof you can make the best brownie dairy and egg free. Optional topping: pecan nuts.

6) Sweet bites and pastries

- Energy Balls: made from raw ingredients, dried fruit sweetened (dates or other dried fruits), nuts and seeds based, different varieties )also with peanut butter and oats for high protein boost), 

- Snickers bars or peanut butter cups: peanut butter and dark organic chocolate based, store in the freezer bars, snickers style with peanuts or with chunks of dates, these are absolutely delicious. 

- Nutty Oat or Millet Based cookies (gluten free) cookies, with dark chocolate chips, peanut butter and walnuts.

- Vegan Donuts - my favourite baked healthier version of donuts, also possible gluten and oil free and sweetened with natural sweeteners like applesauce. With Home made chocolate sauce. I am also open for other suggestions.