Creamy cashew cheesecake with mango mousse

I never thought in my life that dairy free cheescakes exist! I was given a recipe by my friend Annika  (Hi Annika!) for a Raw Cashew Cheesecake over 2,5 years ago, I was completely new to RAW cakes and at that time we already been eating dairy free so I was super happy to get my hands on this dessert! It blew my mind! That time I made a cake similar to the one I present today, that one only had raspberry mousse swirled over the top of it. It was mind-blowing! During this time I have tried also lovely raw cheesecakes with fruity cashew layers by Deliciously Ella and Fully Raw Kristina. I also recommend them. Today I present you my favourite, basic version, which you can  upgrade as you wish. I made Mixed nuts base, Vanilla Cashew very creamy filling and Mango-Chia mousse on the top! Super Yummy! It is a must try! 

Ingredients and Method (this is for the 20cm cake tin)

For the base:

1,5 cup of mixed nuts (I used walnuts and almonds)

3/4 cup pitted dates

Blend nuts and dates in a food processor until you get rice size pieces. Smear a biot of coconut oil in the small cake tin, place you nut and date crunch in the tin and spread it evenly then press to the bottom of the tin. Put in the fridge.

For the Cashew filling:

2 cups ( 400g) of cashew nuts, soak it for few hours in cold water or in hot water for 30mins

1,5 tsp vanilla beans

200ml coconut milk

1- 2 tbs maple syrop (or few dates) - adjust to your taste 

juice from 1 lemon

1 tbs coconut oil (melted)

First drain the water from the cashews and then place all ingredients into a food processor and blend until smooth and creamy consistency. If it seems to dry add more plant milk, taste if it's sweet enough now it is time to pour it over your nut-date base. Place in a freezer!

For the Mango/chia topping (or any other fruit or chocolate):

1 ripe mango

2 tbs chia seeds

Blend all until smooth, check if your cashew layer has set. If not place mango-chia mousse in the bowl in the fridge and wait until your cashew layer is ready. Then pour mango mousse over it and put it in the freezer until it all sets solid. Usually 3-4 hours. Place it in the fridge about 20 mins before consumption otherwise you will have ice cream cheesecakes - not a bad thing either! 

Play with your toppings, I loved it with raspberry mousse on the top too, my next try will be crispy thin chocolate layer on the top I think! Bon Apetit!

Another option:

Try these versions too:

From Deliciously Ella:

or this layered one from Fully Raw Kristina ( takes a bit more time but it is sooo worth it):

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