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Updated: Aug 14, 2018

Oh I have been wanting to share with you my experience with #Braincandies event from 31st May '18 for a while, finally I get to find some peaceful time to gather my thoughts. However wedowe (organisation that is responsible for #Braincandies events) has already wrote a nice summary of the event:

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So what is #Brainancies and why I was there?

#Braincanides is an event that is organised every 2 months at NATLAB Eindhoven, by a fantastic group of people from WeDoWe org with a specific subject for every event, 5-6 speakers that have only 5-7 mins for their presentation, around 50 people in the audience that will take an active part in the whole event.

I was asked to participate in the event,by my old friend Mel L. who is volunteering with wedowe. This event subject was: "Sustainable Food Solutions" and as me being a promoter of plant based living, which is recognized as a sustainable diet, she thought I could maybe want to say few things about my lifestyle and inspire others to make few changes in their life. The organisation WedoWe is a nut shell inspire people to take action and make a change in their communities. I loved the whole idea and the subject of the event was so close to my heart I said YES, yep despite that I will have to speak in front of strangers about my biggest passion and yes I only have 5 mins to state my point!!! Yikes!

So what I was talking about?

Well you will all get to see it as the organisers are always filming all the speeches so soon when it is ready I will share the link to video with you!

So I went as a second speaker and here is what I talked about (you can see pics from my Power Point presentation):

I started with a definition of a sustainable food solution. As having only 5 mins for the speech I just decided to focus on these three reasons why vegan diet is a sustainable food solution. One of those three is usually the main reason why people decide to go vegan or limit their meat intake.

So I went on with shortly explaining the environment side of choosing plant based diet over animal product diet.

I didnt talk too much about the environmentál statistics as actually all of the other speakers mentioned the shocking figures about the devastation to our planet is animal agriculture!.

Here is a link to gathered facts about this issue:

I highly recommend both documentaries: Food choices and Cowspirancy if you want to learn more.

Then I was talking about my own primary reason to switch to plant based diet which was health reasons:

Very shortly I told our story, what led me to read and learn about benefits of plant based nutrition, what complains we experienced before and what benefits we and our family members have noticed after the switch of diet.

As you may already seen I have a "Why Vegan?" tab on the top of my page where I list all books, documentaries etc I highly recommend if you are interested to explore the subject.

Here I also mentioned how easy it was for our small kids to understand why we are switching the diet. My kids were then 4 and 2 years old, when we explained them why we are no longer eating meat and animal products. Our reason number one was to improve our health but also we admitted that before we weren't investigating what is happening to animals before they become a meal. Now as we opened our eyes and learnt about the cruelty of the animal agriculture we no longer want to take part in it. We have very helpful book for our children:

in polish:

and book in English:

We didn't use words: death or killing, we gently explained that the animals are being captivated and need to be hurt to be turned into a meal. Without any harsh pictures just telling them the truth in the most gentle way they were so understanding and they even asked us if other people know what is happening to animals to they can become a sausage or a nugget and how come they still want to consume animals!

Then I talked about animal welfare, started with latest statistics showing how the humans have already devastated most of our wildlife and how the whole process of raising and slaughtering animals for meat became so normal and accepted in our communities. These are meat factories, animals - the living beings are being used and abused just like they were non living products. Shocking fact is that if any of these slaughtering tactics would be happening to our pets like cats or dogs it would cause a shocking public reaction.

I absolutely love this image below, it sums up it all:

Lastly I encouraged everyone to try introducing one or two vegan meals per week. Entourage public to research further the topic we discussed.

It was great. I received great appreciation from the audience. Then I got some really good questions. I got great response as people where really happy I shared my family story and the fact that my little children so easy without excuses have turned vegan and are also very easily talking about this subject. We talked how Kids are so pure and honest in their reactions. If you would give a toddler a baby chicken and an apple, he would play with the chick and possibly start munching on an apple. Adults use excuses but generally most people admit they are against animal cruelty.

I highly recommend this video, it is also listed in my recommended list, if you want to reflect a bit more in this bit:

So how was the whole experience for me in general?

Well scary! At first only. I was very nervous weeks beforehand and on the day. I was so nervous that i wanted to cancel. However I was reminded that You are truly start Living on the edge of your comfort zone. Simply when you hesitate: Just do it!

When I was preparing the presentation I wanted to tell so many things, being limited to only 5 mins phew that was a struggle! I decided to make 3 main points of my speech and shortly talk about each that would hopefully initiate a nice discussion or questions afterwards. I knew that more that statistics people want to listen real life stories so I focused more on my own and my family personal experience with the transition.

On the day of the event I was very nervous, event shaking from stress. I was told though I can go slightly over 5 mins - which was very comforting as I was mostly worried that they would cut me off (I reached to apparently around 7 mins) and I was assured by the lovely organizers it is an awesome experience and the audience is great and very welcoming and they were right! Really the whole wedowe crew created this lovely calm atmosphere, they warmed us up and continuously reassured it will be okay. When I entered the stage, I was still nervous and slightly paralyzed however when I started talking it all went away. I just focused on what I wanted to share, I was speaking from my heart and really just wanted to share it with the audience.

Photo credit: wedowe

I am looking forward to see the video and obviously for the next event by #Braincandies! I will then come as an audience! It will be lots of fun!

here is link to the next event:


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