Vegan Cooking workshops series about to start! Survey is here!

My absolutely favourite part of my job is sharing food and ideas with others! As I have been asked on many occasions to share my passion for vegan cooking, so here it is! I am starting vegan cooking and baking workshops in Eindhoven/Veldhoven area. I would love to do hands on cooking workshops, small group and everyone is engaged, we chat as we cook and afterwards we sit together, eat the food and talk.

The main idea is:

Location: DOE040 Blaarthemseweg 83, 5502 JT Veldhoven

When: preferably weekends, mornings or afternoon sessions

Time: max 4 hours workshops

Attendees: preferably 6-8 people

Type: Hands on, everyone is involved!

Afterparty: after cooking we all sit together, eat and chat

Themes: many ideas, please complete survey to give me your preferences!

I have several ideas on themes however I would like to make sure I design the workshops towards your expectations. I would like you to help me finalize my workshops content. This is why I would like to ask you to complete this survey regardless whether you are interested in attending workshops now in in the future. I really appreciate your help.

Thank you so much,


Link to survey:

To make sure you do not miss any information on workshops subscribe to the website to be up to date or follow me on Facebook or Instagram. I will post any info on these 3 platforms. Thanks so much!

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