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I'm Marta and I'm a foodie who loves experimenting in the kitchen. I am a mom to two beautiful boys: age 6 and 8, both been plant based since they were 2 & 4! Both growing healthy and strong!


We shifted to a Whole Food Plant Based diet in the hope that it would support us in healing from autoimmune disease and to improve our general health. We have seen amazing benefits from eating this way, for example we have more energy, better moods, no crazy cravings, better looking skin, stronger bodies, and improved immune systems (less sick days). We realised Food really is the Medicine. 

Our journey started in 2014 when we decided to limit dairy and processed food after a discussion with our family chiropractor www.topchiro.nl. The biggest motivation to the further changes was when then our 1,5 year old son was diagnosed with autoimmune diseases. I knew we can do something at home to improve his condition and help him heal better. After doing some research on nutrition we decided we didn't want to include meat, eggs  and dairy in our lives any more and that's when we transitioned to a plant based diet. After educating ourselves on how harshly animals are treated, we knew we could never go back to consuming any animal products, or contributing to any form of animal cruelty. Our plant based diet turned into a Vegan Lifestyle.

Our Diet is WHOLE FOOD PLANT BASED and is full of nutrients and colour. I aim to create meals with food as close to its natural state as possible. I really enjoy to be creative and making delicious treats for my family. We eat fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, whole grains, legumes, and naturally gluten free groats (like millet and buckwheat). We use a variety of spices so the food tastes delicious, and dates or maple syrup to sweeten desserts. We all enjoy it and because this has improved our health in so many ways, I decided to create this website-blog: my food journal to inspire my family and friends and show them that eating a healthy plant based diet is easy and anyone can do it!

Check out the "Why Vegan?" tab above for my recommendations on educational books and videos.

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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."  Hippocrates. 


Little Update:

In the past year I was invited to speak about my passion and our health journey. First event was Yoga and Vegan Festival in Nijmegen where I was speaking about our life as a vegan family. The second most recent event was #Braincandies in Eindhoven where I gave a short speech about Vegan diet as sustainable food solutions. As much as giving a speech and presenting in front of public is stressful I truly enjoyed the whole experience and was glad to share our story. 

In March 2018 I started working part time at Democratic School in Eindhoven http://www.doe040.nl/ as a youth Coach. I cook plant based food with children, we prepare lunches together, so everyone can enjoy homemade food at school, we also make sweet treats and I teach children about healthy eating habits.


...and since April 2018 I created Happy Beets - Plant Based Catering Business operating in Eindhoven area. I am aiming into event catering, private and business, healthy vegan cake orders, meal prep for busy individuals. I want also start Cooking Workshops in the near future. Have a look at "Catering services" Tab or Contact me for more information.

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