My Recommendation of Educational Books and Videos:

  • Books on Plant Based diet and its health benefits,

       "The China Study" - T. Colin Campbell PhD, Thomas M. Campbell II MD

       "Whole. Rethinking the science of nutrition" - T. Colin Campbell PhD

       "Completes Idiot guide to plant based nutrition" - Julieanna Hever

       "How not to die" - Michael Greger MD

       "The 80/10/10 Diet" - Dr Douglas N. Graham

       "The Spectrum" - Dean Ornish MD

       "Eat to Live" - Joel Fuhrman

       "Super immune kids" - Joel Fuhrman MD

       "Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease" - Caldwell Esselstyn MD

       "The Cheese Trap" - Neil D. Barnard MD

       "Powerfood for the Brain" - Neil D. Barnard MD

       "Program for Reversing Diabetes" -  Neil D. Barnard MD

       "The Healthiest Diet on the Planet" - Dr John McDoughall

        "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Vegan Eating For Kids'- Andrew & Dana Villamagna

        "Vegan is love" Ruby Roth - Book dedicated to Children

        'That's why we don't eat animals"- Ruby Roth

        "Eat like you care" - Gary L. Francione, Anna Charlton

        "Thrive" and "'Thrive Fitness' - Brendan Brazier (vegan athlete)


  • Educational portals - collection on science based studies and information on nutrition and health


       Dr Michael Greger:

       Dr Michael Klaper:

       Dr Neal Barnard:

       Forks over Knives:

       Mastering Diabetes

  • Best documentaries/ videos on plant based diet and veganism:


       The Game Changers

       Forks over Knives 

       Food Choices


       What the Health 

       Eating you alive 

       Fat, sick and nearly dead 



       Simply Raw



       Eating Animals


  • Youtube videos:

      Dairy is scary - 5 min video on Dairy

 101 reasons to go Vegan - Lecture (really loved this one!):

      The Magnificent Milk Myth

      Beyond Carnism great 20min Tedx Talk:
      Best speech you will ever hear Gary Yourofsky:

     "Are humans designed to eat meat: by Milton Mills

      What is wrong with eggs? - Erin Janus

      Dr Klaper on why Vegan diets don''t work

      What dairy industry doesn't want you to know - Neil Barnard MD

      Few Tedx Talks on "What food are/aren't  we designed to eat"

     Why doctors don't recommend Veganism:

     James Aspey - vegan activist

    Bite Size Vegan - Animal Activist          running-out-of-fish/


  • Veganism and Sport/ Vegan Athletes: 

Rich Roll

Ferdinand Beck - Vegains

Nimai Delgado

     No Meat Athlete


     The 300 Pound vegan


     The Badass Vegan


     Brendan Brazier


     Conscious Muscle

     Jeremy Reijnders

  • My favourite cook books:

     "Deliciously Ella", "Deliciously Ella Everyday", "Deliciously Ella with Friends" - Ella Mills

      "The China Study Cookbook" - Leanne Campbell

      "Oh she glows" - Angela Liddon

      "Thrive Energy Book" - Brendan Brazier (vegan athlete)

      "Thug Kitchen. Eat like you give a f%ck" - Michelle Davis, Matt Holloway 

      "The Fully Raw Diet" - Kristina Carillo - Bucaram

     " Forks over Knives Family" - Alona Pulde

      'How not to die cookbook"- Michael Greger


  • Inspiring articles/websites::

    Pick Up LIMES - blog and You tube, great info on plant based nutrition and meal prep:   

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