🍃Chickpea Curry for lunch🍃_• carrots • onions • garlic • spinach • cup of chopped tomatoes • cup o
Lunch time 🍓🍌🍒🍋🍎💚_Smoothie bowl__🍃The base_ Simple smoothie_ 2 handfuls of spinach, 3 bananas
☀️Good morning! ☀️ I woke up this morning and decided it will be a glorious day 🦄 and to start glor
Homemade Granola 🌾🍂🌰🐿

Happy Beets is plant based catering business operating in area of Eindhoven. We provide healthy plant based meals, for your Private or corporate events, (refined sugar free, naturally sweetened) vegan cakes. Our new service: weekly meal prep, receive weekly vegan meal boxes to your home.

If you are looking to transition into plant based diet or you are business/restaurant wanting to included vegan meals on your menu, we offer individual or group workshops and coaching session to help you with the steps of easy transition. 


With love,


Happy Beets

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